NAWADES 24 Month Meeting in Stockholm

The 24th month meeting of NAWADES was held in Stockholm on the last 24th and 25th of September.

The two days meeting that took place at the campus of the Royal Institute of Technology, counted with the presence of all the partners, in order to talk about the work packages of the project, specifically from WP5 to WP9. Several topics where discussed such as technical concepts, technical hot spots, sharing of work and the timeline.

Additionally, the coordinator updated the consortium about some management issues, such as the good receivement of NAWADES project reporting by the evaluator, project officer and advisory board and future meetings organisation.

Concerning the dissemination and exploitation activities, the partners discussed extensively the strategies that will be followed during the next two years of the project that are compiled in the draft Plan of the Use and Dissemination of the Foreground that was uploaded to the European Commission few days after the meeting.

The event closed with some dedicated meetings of individual work groups.