First Six-Monthly Meeting – Stuttgart, March 11th & 12th, 2013

With NAWADES’s scientific and technical work very much underway in several crucial areas, the partners of the project recently met in Stuttgart on the 11th and 12th of March to have the first 6 monthly meeting to review the activities already conducted and coordinate those to come.

On the agenda over the two days was the overall technical management of the project, as well as the undertaken and upcoming work relating to the research and development phase of the project, specifically the membrane preparation and characterization, as well as the development of anti-scaling, anti-fouling and fouling sensing functions.

Also up for discussion was the dissemination strategy in order to guarantee the appropriate communication of the project and make sure all audiences can appreciate the objectives of the project, as well as understand the environmental and societal benefits it will bring.

The meetings proved very fruitful on all fronts, and project partners returned to their respective countries with a clear vision of the directions to be taken with the research and the tasks at hand over the next months.

While the project is still only in a very early stage at the moment, it was clear to all involved the potential of the technologies being developed, and the impact they will have on existing processes.

The next six-monthly meeting will be hosted by the Institute on Membrane Technology of the Italian National Research Council (ITM-CNR), during next September, in Cetraro (Calabria), and is timed to coincide with a conference entitled “Advances in Science and Engineering for Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination”, which will take place from September 29th until October 3rd, 2013.